2019 and 2020 were full of trials and adversity for all of us involved in the creation of Pier 23; from the fire at our previous restaurant, Mad Fish Bar and Grille, to the Covid pandemic that devastated the industry.

CEO Cole Taustin met these challenges with innovation and creativity, seeking to develop a new concept for the waterfront property that embraced the highlights of Mad Fish and new trends and creative solutions developed within the industry surrounding the global pandemic. Live music and entertainment were major components explored at Mad Fish which we wanted to capitalize on at the new venture. Outdoor dining and seating flexibility are components pivotal to Covid awareness which also allow for a flexible ground plan and the ability to adapt the space as needed in the future. We wanted to embrace our home on the harbor with an industrial feel merged with a true Ocean City beach bar. We brought together each of the ideas to create an entirely new experience for Ocean City locals and tourists unlike any found in the area.

Pier 23 is Ocean City's first Container Food Port built almost entirely out of renovated shipping containers. The new concept is an outdoor venue with three different menus to choose from, a bar featuring the latest trends in craft cocktails and beer along with the perfect wine list for dining outside. Pier 23 has a full-size stage featuring live music and entertainment for the whole family! Multiple levels provide great views over Ocean City's commercial fishing harbor and our partnership with OC Bay Hopper provides activities and transportation by water for guests. Pier 23 is the future of dining; it is more than just a place to eat; it is an experience!